Gaga and I – Warrior Queens in Sparks Bra’s

Have you ever lost touch with someone, only to discover that they were upset with you this whole time for not calling them? Irrespective of the small detail in that it was you who called them most of the time in the past asking how they were going – why was it so hard for them to care enough to contact you?

Or have you been so busy with your own life, your own struggles or supporting those close to you for a short period that you find yourself unfollowed on Twitter without warning?

Maybe you have looked up a friend on Facebook only to discover that photos with you in it are deleted or that your blocked from their account totally? Okay, you cancelled the last catch up but doesn’t being Miss Reliable and Miss Crisis Support every other time over the years count for something?

Now – not all of this has happened to me. But we have all been in similar situations at certain times I am sure.

Every girl needs a good supportive bra. That is a fact. As much as we would like the fountain of youth to last and the ability to wear strapless tops forever, this is just not the way the world works – or that bitch gravity.
However, why is it that we still hang on to those faded, worn through – only wear when you have serious washing piled up – bra’s. Those bra’s that drag us down, leave us clutching our chests when we walk a little too fast and always have wire painfully piercing our skins.

It’s time to de-clutter. Make some space in our drawers for the amazingly lovely supportive and seamlessly uplifting pushup bra’s that have felt the squeeze from an overstuffed drawer.

I believe it is taught to us females from an early age to give unconditionally, to put others first before ourselves – to hang on to all our old bra’s even when they are only being held together by the painstaking hand sewing we insist on doing. But by doing that we are saying that we are not worth wearing the sexy lacy number with the matching underwear. We feel guilty getting support. But in that, are we just shoving all of those wonderful supportive people – ummm bra’s – aside to the back of the drawer? Do we really then give ourselves completely over to those who do make you a priority? Who lift you up so much it’s like your bra could ignite like Lady Gaga’s sparks bra and fill you with so much light and happiness.

Generally I have found that when tested for support – when asked to be made a priority for a small time – when you resist the urge to contact that friend who deleted all the photos of you on Facebook – those bra’s fall away on their own accord. Through your lack of patching things up – you see that they will never be the kind of support you need or deserve.

And so now I sing whilst getting aquainted with my own Sparks Bra – “I am a Warrior Queen!”

  • Lady Gaga
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