Diabetes Social Media Summit – Part Two and more

Back in November I posted about the Australian Diabetes Social Media Summit (here) as a Part 1. Yeah…. I know. It has been five months. Let me explain.

Part 2. I was so inspired by just being there. Everything that went on, everything that I experienced and felt by just being there for two days inspired me.

This is why the moment my feet hit the ground back in WA – I was propelled into action. I literally hit the ground running.

What I witnessed was people with a very specific vision, a specific area of interest and passion into transforming the lives of Australians living with Diabetes and I realized that I was actually quite clear of my own too. I had been for a while.

I have a burning desire to contribute towards the emotional aspects of what living with Diabetes is all about. Educating the importance of wellbeing to become a recognised factor of managing Diabetes – not just an elective option. Strategies and methods for those living with Diabetes to recognise, manage and thrive should be a standard in Diabetes care. That is in part why I started my blog in the first place.

The importance to nurture/support and evolve the mental and emotional health in a measured approach from Medical Professionals seems lacking. They might refer you to a counsellor or psychologist but generally the patient needs to bring issues up for it to discussed. And yes, these avenues are very beneficial but sometimes it takes someone with first hand knowledge and experience to help you realise what you’re doing needs changing in the first place. Sometimes it takes you to see what someone else is doing to realise that there is an issue in the first place. How does a person even know that things could be different until they are asked to question it?

It seems that the non-specific, un-scientific and sometimes immeasurable aspects to living with Diabetes (or any chronic condition really) is left for the ‘patient’ to discover and deal with. Which is a real shame because a lot of people miss out on this opportunity or realising that what they feel is normal and okay – that is a real passion for me.

This is really why OzDOC, blogs and forums are so important. I know, I haven’t been blogging or part of OzDOC in a while which may seem contradictory to what I am saying but just read on…. And I have really really missed OzDOC!!!

And why did I hit the ground running when I got back?

A few years ago I was in the middle of a boot camp style workout session on one of our many beautiful WA beaches. This was an ordinary boot camp exercise session run by an amazing personal trainer. I wasn’t all that fit back then – am not really exceptionally fit now even – but I had a moment. A pure life epiphany. I decided then and there that I wanted to be a personal trainer. Not a Michelle Bridges – lose a hundred kilos – type PT. Although I wouldn’t complain if I worked out and looked as good as her by no means! To use fitness and life management skills as a tool to help with people living with all types of Chronic Conditions not just Diabetes.


Who wouldn’t want to be that fit! Click to see her website – really great info

I was so fuelled by this intense desire to achieve this long term goal that I instantly started looking and meeting with fitness institutes to find out about the how I could, what do I need, where can I and the how much is the cost. I had decided that I would go with what I thought was the best choice – The Australian Institute of Fitness. I found out about the cost and decided that I would do it in about a year’s time due to my commitments at the time and finances.

Australian%20Institute%20of%20FitnessClick to view!

The feeling of realizing something that felt like it had evolved from my true inner core or my authentic self was indescribable. It clicked and the freedom in that was emotional. It
actually baffled me as to why I hadn’t thought of it before as it seemed so – DOH! – Obvious!!

Isn’t it funny how things just happen when you are heading in the right direction. About a month later I noticed a competition in the Diabetes WA – Dialog magazine. It was a competition for people running in the HBF Run for a Reason that year who had chosen DiabetesWA as their charity. I had already signed up for the run and was training for it. I had already chosen DiabetesWA as my charity to raise funds for. It seemed seriously and deliriously unbelievable.


Click to check out their website and all the cool stuff they do!

The prize for the competition was a full scholarship to The Australian Institute of Fitness – Master Trainer program. You had to write 200 words why you would want to win this prize. Of course I entered immediately. However I did struggle to keep it under 200 words :)

and Yes!! I won that competition.

It still totally spins me out – to this day! – That I won. I had only been speaking to their consultants a few months earlier and had even told them to call me at the end of the year as I would be able to sign up then.

But then.

Holy crap! I won! Can I really do this? And the fear of the surreal timing crept in. The fear of actual success became a reality.

I started the course a while later once I felt I could commit but I stumbled around for a bit – struggled with self belief and confidence – an ongoing daytime soap but when I came back from the DSMS last November I realized something with urgency. I needed to get this course done – before my scholarship expired! – and head towards my goal.

I could do this! I can do this!

The DSMS inspired me to put my goals into action. Unfortunately though, this has also meant that I have had to put blogging and interacting in social media and OzDOC to the side – but it’s only for a while. Plus, damn daylight savings in the eastern states of Australia has made it hard getting home in time. To get this course done before it expires I have had to put every spare time outside of work and other life obligations to get it done.

And I am excited.

I have been loving every moment of it!

I am thankful for the experience of going to the Diabetes Social Media Summit and reminding me that my passion lies in the emotional side of what living with Diabetes is all about.

Writing my blog and being open and honest – sometimes maybe too open and honest – along with being vigilant with testing my blood sugars I believe that I am Training Diabetes to live with me. One prick at a time. I started sharing my experiences about living with Type 1 Diabetes and life in general in hope to inspire and motivate myself and maybe someone else along the way.

Without realising it at the time – I stumbled upon a whole world of humour, support and understanding. I didn’t realise exactly how alone I had felt until I came across the DOC, nor how burdened and desperately in the need to feel connected. Connected to people who knew what it is like to live with this disease. It is this and more why I am motivated to stay online and stay on track to achieve my goal.

The emotional support and mental relief that I get from it strengthens me, gives me courage to move on or laugh at this life with diabetes like nothing else.

At the end of the day – We need to keep this conversation going #OzDSMS

5 thoughts on “Diabetes Social Media Summit – Part Two and more

  1. I was looking at the costs also, and that is what scares me… You can actually do it at a TAFE which is A LOT cheaper!!! I would if i could but i’m already at Uni fulltime and need to do the PT course online and these courses offer that option (Australian Institute of Fitness and FiaFitnation).

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