A letter from a Friend

Dear Jo,

I am worried about you. I know and understand that you have been under a bit of pressure and emotional stress the last month or so. Which is why some things – as they do – have fallen along the wayside. I am mostly concerned in the loss of faith in yourself in becoming a wellness coach. That dream means so much to you and your self-destructive behaviour – not exercising, eating and drinking (Alcohol – Too frequent rather than too much – I know it’s not like your drunk everyday :) ) without your usual passion for nutrition and uncharacteristic lack of general life organisation drives me to reach out to you.

Don’t lose faith and belief in yourself. I know that there has been people in your life that have knocked the wind from your sails lately. Those who should – with love – show an active interest in your passion, encourage and support you. I know that you don’t need the approval or acknowledgement but would just like it. Please don’t let their negativity, selfishness and their own limitations on life steal that dream from you.

I know it might be hard to understand, but it really says more about them than about you. When they don’t respect – but dismiss you immediately – the knowledge that already have or the emotional intelligence that has created your beliefs and opinions, I know it is hard not to get frustrated, angry, hurt and even un-loved. But you must remember, that they are not without faults – as we all are not. Just because they are in your life and you love them openly, with appreciation and unconditional love and support does not mean that they will. And it does not mean that they have to either – just because you believe it should be.

For whatever reason they are incapable or unwilling for that level of communication. Or could it be that it has never occurred to them to communicate in this way? The fact that they are completely unable to acknowledge the good things in your life or avoid making any comment about your dream, does not mean that they do not feel them. Maybe though, because they are quick to point out everything that is ‘wrong’ in your life, ‘should’ be better at or belittle the things you say actually does mean that they don’t believe in you. But what does that really mean anyway?

Maybe it means that they do think your are not fit enough, not thin enough, not smart enough, not good enough or lack the ability achieve greatness within your own life. Maybe they do think you are a fool to dream such things. Maybe they tap into your own self doubt – we all have that ability. And once again – maybe they don’t think that way – maybe they just lack the ability to communicate their support. Or maybe they just don’t care either way.

Either way – does it matter ? Do you think that maybe you are focussing on the wrong opinions?

This is when you need to force yourself to remember all the people who do love and support you openly. All the people who think that writing a blog about living with diabetes is not silly or self-indulgent and unimportant. But rather, a perfect idea for a women who loves to write, share her experiences and maybe whilst inspiring herself, inspire others.

Those around you that cannot believe that you didn’t have the idea of becoming a wellness coach years ago as it is a unbelieveably perfect evolution of who you are. Who you have always been. They are the ones that respect your opinion – even if they don’t agree – because they know the research and experimenting you do in the areas of health, nutrition, healing through nature and super foods and personal growth. They are the ones that exclaim that health and fitness is not skinny. The ones that insist that your journey – and the battlescars that come with that – will be the cornerstone of your coaching. And the ones that gently soothe your anxiety and tell you that you will get there. You will achieve your goals. You will – in fact – get there in the end.

They love your openness – although are sometimes amazed and protective – with what they call courage in the things that you share. Rather than being scared or threatened at your honesty. Remember those that love you – unconditionally and without judgement – and believe and encourage you.

Lastly, what I would like to beg you – Reignite that fire and remember, the most important person that accepts and loves you. That person who believes in you without question and so much force that it can only inspire you to achieve.


Dream – Believe – Achieve

With my utmost love, Jo – Yourself. The only person that you can actually change when you don’t like something.

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5 thoughts on “A letter from a Friend

  1. When your goal is to coach others, it’s hard – when it comes to your own well-being – to dismiss what other people think and to solely look within yourself. I get the feeling that’s not the kind of person you are; you enjoy engaging with others and feed off of the reassurance you get from them. It’s also tough to selectively dismiss the negative feedback while accepting the encouragement. But I know that you can, especially since the negativity is, from an analytical perspective, nonsense.

    Please keep this letter that you wrote to yourself, and refer to it often. The first sentence may cause some uneasiness, but the last sentence exudes confidence. Have faith in yourself.

    Thanks for sharing these deep, personal thoughts. That took a lot of courage.

    • Thanks Scott! Wow! Your comment just made my day! and I really like, “especially since the negativity is, from an analytical perspective, nonsense.” I love that! Thanks for taking to time to not only read my blog but to comment. I really appreciate it.

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