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I am taking part in Diabetes blog week which runs between the 14th of May until the 20th of May.. You can check out more details from here if you like.

I have only just discovered the wonderful world of Diabetes blogs and to be honest, that is a real shame. When I was first diagnosed six years ago I could have really used the support and information that I have found since finding this. There are so many blogs out there but I think the whole idea of blogging hasn’t really hit Australia yet. Well… they do say that we are a little behind here :) but what is worse is that I live in Western Australia or WA and generally that means, Wait Awhile. :)

Anyway, I have jumped on the band wagon and I know have many many favorite blogs out there but two that I love are:   and

Why do I love them? Well, No more shots for Shannon is a recent discovery. I  basically just like the way that she writes and the topics that she writes about. Her blog makes me laugh and makes me think. It also makes me feel normal which is no easy task!

Princess of Pavement? Well, I have actually written about this before. You can read about it here if you want to. She is funny and I found her blog one of the few blogs that talks about exercise, intense exercise like running and what she does and what her blood sugar levels do for that exercise.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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