you won’t like me when i’m angry

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The Hulk is my new favourite character. At one point in The Avengers he is asked how me manages his anger, how he doesn’t transform into his other self. The key was, he told us, that he was always angry, he just learned how to control his reactions.

He is in all of us. There is pent up rage, frustration. Feelings of inadquacey. Lack of patience. Others not meeting our expectations. Failures. Disappointments.

Life can get you down, regularly if you let it. Watching that massive green comic book character deal with it like a two year old having a tantrum brought a wicked little grin to my face. Wouldn’t it be nice, just for a few moments even, to react and take out your anger on the most deserving first person that crossed your path.

Everyone should have an outlet for that negativity. An outlet that doesn’t hurt or harm. An outlet that doesn’t…

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