A prickly question

Can you smell the rubber burning? Yes, I’ve been doing some thinking.My brain is still  smouldering.

I have been  wondering about something that really wasn’t ever covered from time with my Diabetic Educator when I was first diagnosed nor from the Clinic I go to since.

Do you  or should you have a sharps bin for your Diabetic sharps?

I always  have. But that is probably because I have always worked in a hospital  environment and for me, it goes without saying that sharps always go into a sharps bin. I know that technically most of my insulin pump sharps are not exactly contaminated by blood but… still… they are medical supplies. If  someone was trudging around the tip then I’m sure they don’t want to be coming  across medical supplies.

When I  exchange my lancet now this is contaminated by blood so I think it should be sure! be put into a sharps bins.

But..  this is my opinion. What do you think?

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