Guest Post – James Isaia

Today’s post is written by another Australian adult diagnosed Type 1 diabetic who started writing a blog:

Hopefully we will hear more from him either on his blog or through mine in the future! Enjoy!

Well, like most social networking or world-wide web interacting, I have been quite sceptical and often thought “No way I’ll do that!” It started with the MySpace craze which I thought was pretty cool. Then Facebook pops up and there was no way I was gonna join that, now try get me off the thing. And finally twitter… (FYI @jamesisaia if you want to follow) I never thought I would have gotten caught up in all the hype about social networking but clearly I have. And now I am expanding my repertoire to “blogging”.
My name is James Isaia. I’m a 26 year old fella living in sunny Perth, Western Australia. I work as a radiographer and also make a little bit of spare cash trying my luck on the soccer field. My background is Italian/Irish on my dad’s side and Greek/Macedonian on my mum’s side (mongrel right?!?!) I’m a single guy living with two of my best mates who are also the devil that lives on my shoulder while the angel on the other one is nowhere to be seen these days.
I am guessing the reason why I am writing this blog is because I want/need more twitter followers, oops! I mean to share my experiences as a Type 1 Insulin Dependant Diabetic. I was diagnosed at the ripe age of 24 years and 2 days. Yep! That’s right… 2 days after my 24th birthday, after a weekend of a lot of beer and vodka oranges, I was now a diabetic.
Having worked in the medical field for a few years, I really should have seen the signs a lot earlier than I did. 2 months prior to my diagnosis, I had been in America with some friends for a month eating and drinking everything supersized and doubled and everything just plain old BIG!!! So naturally, after coming back at a healthy 92kg, I decided to try eat right, drink plenty of water and train hard in order to drop some weight and hopefully get back into the starting line up for my soccer team.
After cutting carbs, running nightly and drinking only water on weekdays, the weight was literally falling off me. Well, I thought that was the reason why. It was until my toilet patterns changed from 0 times during the night to about 6-7 that I got concerned and decided to see my GP. Hopping on the scales at the GPs, I was down to 75kg. Just a cheeky 17kgs in 2 months. I was sure that Women’s Day were gonna put my on the cover and inside have “the secret to weight loss” but this was not the case.
I was rushed to Royal Perth Hospital and spent two nights connected to drips in both arms trying to bring my blood glucose level down from 23mmol/L and flush out all the ketones. It was there that I was given my Optium Xceed tester and my Novorapid and Lantus pens. I still use these today.
I am very heavily into my football (soccer to the Skips) and also love my music. That’s it for my first blog and I can honestly say that I can see myself getting addicted to this too (that’s until my house mates find out about it and give me a good ripping into about being a “blogger” or a “twatter”)
p.s. The nickname “purejai” came from a misunderstanding during a lecture at uni when we were talking about the initials in our names and I said “my initials spell JAI” and a friend misheard me and thought I said “purejai”. It has since stuck…
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