6 Year Dia-versary

Each year when ‘The Biggest Loser’ is on TV I am reminded of my diagnosis. I love that show but the reason why I am reminded of my diagnosis with Type 1 diabetes is because I watched the finale of the first Australian Biggest Loser from my hospital bed. The year that Adro won.┬áThis year marks 6 years of living with Type 1 Diabetes and I can’t help but reflect on how far that I have come in that time and yes, I am watching and loving this years Biggest Loser. Michelle Bridges rocks!!

In a way, I am grateful that I have this disease because it has shown me what I am capable of achieving. Looking through my eyes as a diabetic also enables me to see things differently and I appreciate that. The things that I see differently are small things and they are big things. I cherish moments and I combat challenges that give me purpose and drive.

Being a diabetic sucks sometimes (okay – a lot of the time) but I like that it has made me a better person. Happy Birthday D!

I have also added a ‘My diagnosis’ page to my blog to share with you a little of what it was like to be diagnosed as a 30 year old.

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