When I’m running…

In my mind when I am running I am a strong, lean and powerful women. I can conquer anything and I am capable of near on flying to the moon. I am… well.. Wonder freaking Women!

But let’s face it… In reality, I look more like this;

Last Friday’s Run/Walk with my bestie was as follows:

Time: 1 and a half hours!! WTH!

Distance: 8klm’s

Average Heart Rate: 132bpm

Calories burnt: 756

BG before: 7.1 (ate half a banana and -30% 1 hour of basal) ate half a muesli bar at the 1 hour point

BG after: 5.4 (ate lunch with half basal)

Today’s Run/Walk  details (other than chest clenching, air gasping and beetroot face) are:

Time: 55 mins

Distance: Approx 5-6 klm’s 

Average Heart Rate: 153bpm

Calories burnt: 550

BG before: 9.7 (ate half a banana and -20% basal for 1 hour)

BG after: 4.9 (ate breakfast without a bolus and +20% basal for 1 hour)

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