The chicken or the egg

It’s hard to say sometimes and you wonder if maybe it is actually better left unsaid but…

Am I cranky because I’m cranky…. or because my sugar levels are high? or low?

The reason why I wonder if it is better left alone is because I feel that the information in the wrong hands could be… well…. misused.

As a women who has been with her husband for many many years I have always hated when my husband has said the words, “Is it that time of the month?’…. WHAT! Are you actually insinuating that what I am saying is because I am HORMONAL? Are you trying TO TELL ME THAT WHAT I AM SAYING,FEELING AND THINKING IS NOT REAL!!

Okay okay.. that is an entire other discussion.. but you get the idea.

So when I am cranky about something… say he unpacked the dishwasher and put everything in the wrong cupboards again or the toilet roll wasn’t replaced and he says, “Maybe you should check your sugar levels…..”

The thing that really peeves me is: …… sometimes he could actually be right! GASP!!

yes… sometimes I am a little quick to fire up and when I test my blood sugar levels I find I am quite high. But, ( a little defiant voice inside of me snarls ) am I  breathing fire and scorching everything in my path because my levels are high or….

am I actually so surrounded by inconsiderate lazy bastards that my sugar levels soar above the clouds because I am holding it all in with beautiful patience as the serene natural being that I am?

What came first? Well, there is the truth and there is what I am willing to admit as the truth.


2 thoughts on “The chicken or the egg

  1. Oh my gosh, I hate that too when people assume just because I’m cranky my blood sugars must be low, because apparently I can’t just be cranky! Used to drive me nuts when my moms would say “Are your blood sugars low?” Ugh. Funny you should write about this as it’s a small bit of a topic in one of my upcoming posts … glad I’m not alone :D

    • Thankyou! I love reading your blog! I have found it very inspiring to read… from someone who has only ever acheived mediocre fitness I am starting the aim higher! I have only just started blogging too so it is all a new experience!

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